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A day of firsts

This morning I made a decision, different to the usual ones of what to have for breakfast? What to wear? Tea or coffee? I made a decision about what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be whilst I was doing it.

Decisions about what to do this week:
* be focused on solutions (rather than problems)
* be proactive (take action)
* look for the positives (you get more of what you focus on so it might as well be good!)
* find what makes my heart sing
* set a goal
* make a plan to move towards that goal ( blundering around has served me well, it’s time for
* enjoy the journey ( take time to be in the moment)

Having made that decision, in a timely fashion, I was asked the question,” Who are you going to be whilst doing?”

Decisions about who I am being whilst I am doing:
* I am an “above the line thinker”
* I am being proactive, exploring, having new experiences
* I am going where the energy is
* I am enjoying different perspectives

This approach has led me to the firsts:
* first time using ” we buy any” (and getting more than the dealer offered!)
* first time selling a car and leaving on foot
* first time getting an umbrella thrown into a sale
* first time at Bletchly train station (didn’t even know there was one- 6 platforms as well!)
* first time on a London Midland train (much like any other, although enjoying the green colour scheme)
* first time blogging on a train
* first time taking really decisive action with something that I would have procrastinated over in the past.

While enjoying my journey home, I am also looking forward to seeing what else this decisive, positive, proactive approach attracts this week. 🙂