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Above the line or below the line? Which are you?


Above the line, or below the line…where do you spend most of your time? It can be easy to let yourself sink, or to feel like you are being dragged, below the line. Life throws up challenges and change everyday ( like death and taxes they are both certainties and we can rely on the fact that they will continue)

I had a bit of a sucky day today and felt myself begin to drift below the line, sometimes it might be nice to wallow there for a bit ( but usually not helpful so I don’t like to stay long!)

The good news is that if you sink below the line, you don’t have to stay there. I shared this image with colleagues and one of them sent me an email back that said, ” Thank you. I just felt myself slipping below the line and this timely reminder helped me pull myself back up!”

Raising your awareness is the first step in pulling yourself up, looking above the line and knowing that you don’t need to stay stuck. Once you have raised your awareness you can change your thoughts- if you want to…

I ask the people I work with, ” What does being below the line get you?” as you might expect the answers are as varied and different as the people I ask, although most of them say that being below the line is usually an unresourceful state. It holds them back.

This image has proved to be a valuable tool- especially when they start to look at the opposites. Procrastination seems to be a favourite, “below the line” state. When I asked, ” What would the impact be for you personally if you moved towards action and away from procrastination?” One very enthusiastic response was, “That would be EPIC! I would be unstoppable!” That opened the door for further thought and discussion, which lead to different, more resourceful choices…

* Raise your awareness of where you spend most of your time…
* What does it get you?
* Are you happy to stay there or is it time to move?
* Are you willing to be 100% responsible for changing your thoughts and creating the shift?
* Where do you want to shift to?

Have fun playing with this colourful, thought-provoking image, and use it to remind you to shift, from time to time, if you want too.